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"The act-painting is of the same metaphysical substance as the artist's existence." - Harold Rosenberg

GD Films is London based production company dedicated to Visual Arts.

The latest project 'Action painting' is a collaboration between the Artist Georges D and the Caribbean model Mel G creating short films for an upcoming exhibition/video installation. In those short films the model gets painted and becomes the canvas herself. It’s an abstract work exploring the aesthetics of Body Art.

We are planning number of live shows in gallery and theatre spaces. It will consist of live Action Painting performance with live music and multi screen projections.

"My paintings reflect personal experiences. They are expressions of moods and feelings and naturally for me they took form of abstract and conceptual pieces.

The work is produced freely and spontaneously. The brushes and containers with paint do not touch the surface of the canvas (the body of the model). The paint is dripped and splashed and by doing so it is allowed to find its own way uncontrolled. The process is associated with the way one could not control feelings and emotions.

The paintings are ‘Untitled’ as they are non representative and the viewers are left to their own interpretation according to what kind of feelings the colours and the composition trigger in their hearts." - Georges D

Bellow are links to 'Behind-the-Scenes' interviews from our publicity Channel 'GD Films Behind-the-Scenes'.


The new and exiting Season 3 is coming soon!!!


Interview with Model Mel G and Director Georges in Majorca and

at The Media Production Show, Olympia, London June 2019

Behind-the-Scenes with Director Georges and Model Mel G, May 2019


Interview with Model Mel G at BVE Feb 2019

Behind-the-Scenes with Director Georges and Model Mel G, Feb 2019


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